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Welcome to the unquality that is my blog. I mostly post things related to Yu-Gi-Oh (mostly Arc-V and card art now), though occasionally some other fandoms might creep in. Otherwise, expect lots of YGO spoilers, badfic, art fail, and overanalysis of really minor things (because that's how I roll).
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Also Yuya’s face was certainly A Thing this episode.

Masumi and Yuzu being their awesome selves, episode 15 edition (I think my blog is slowly turning into “Masumi and Yuzu are the best everyone else go”).

So apparently Reiji’s got a card coming out in a promo set…and it’s called DDD Leonidas the Rebellious Lord.



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the yugioh spinoffs: better overall animation and art (generally), less filler because they were actually intended to be anime rather than manga, canon queer representation, realistically portrayed characters with mental issues, vicious deconstruction of common shounen tropes, discussions of: classism, individuality, coming of age, platonic love, romantic love, friendship, death, what it means to be a good person, what it means to be a bad person

what people think the yugioh spinoffs are: are they playing card games on fucking motorcycles

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Also I really like how agitated Masumi is about the attack on LDS and that professor guy and I want to know more.

The many stages of Yuzu being utterly done with her dad, featuring the Hammerspace Fan.